Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love Letters (Prayer)

I accept right now that God is all there is. God is the Source of all well being. God is a stream of wealth, and abundance flowing to all things.

If God is all there is, then that includes me. I know that God’s stream is flowing to me and through me all ways. I exist because God exists. I accept the truth of my divine inheritance.

I know that when I do what I love I prosper greatly. I know there is no time in God, and I create all of the time. I know when I am creating, I am the truth of who I am. I know performing and sharing my art, is sharing the Divine. I KNOW that my life is full of this. My life is prosperous because of this right now. I am traveling the world, creating, performing, sharing and living prosperously because of this. My connection with God, makes me the richest I have ever been. I claim abundance RIGHT NOW.

I am so glad that I am one in the divine and can travel without worry… only love appears. I am glad to be free and celebrating life. I am grateful to speak this word. I am grateful to KNOW these truths. I am grateful for the expansion.

I release this prayer knowing that there is more expansion to come. I release this prayer with love and assurance. I release this prayer into the law of cause and effect, into the law of circulation, knowing I am in the Divine Flow. I am open with excitement.

I speak these words for me, and especially for the reader, for when two or more agree, magic happens. I align and realign and realign with the truth.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


is this thing on...

I miss you and I have a computer now... no more library visits...

It's on and poppin, I have lot's to share

I love you... what have you been up to?