Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 13 and 14 (weekend) of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

From a church in Harlem... why?

Day 13 and 14 (weekend) I'm looking deeply at allowing vs tolerating-- observing vs judging... I'm ready to talk about it, I'm here for my growth, I'll assume you are too.

As I am connecting to my guidance system more and more I find myself wanted to shut my mouth. Not because I have nothing to say, but more because I know that my thought and my word (together) create on a certain level. I ask myself on a regular basis, "who am I in this moment? what role am I playing? what would I like to experience in this moment? what am I creating? what am I contributing?" Its another Virgo trait I think. I have been told that virgos don't do alot of debating and in most cases they refuse. Mainly because we'd rather be a fly in the wall and learn from whats happening. And if we do find ourselves being active in a debate, we go for blood. 2 extremes, and are somewhat true with me. But lately, I am silent because I am continuously checking in to what I know the big picture is. If I say anything I must remind myself and the reader that this view supports who I am and where I see myself. It supports my highest good; this is what I know from my experience; these are my truths; this is serving me.

No where in there does it say: this is 'right' or 'the only way' and you are 'wrong' if you don't agree. (judgment)

When I am speaking to others who say that they want a thing, or experience something specific in mind, yet they do the complete opposite; if we are having a discussion about it and they want my feedback or ask for help, my wanting is for them for them be their own guidance. My words would be something like, "you are always talking about going to the right and how great right is and how you'd love to experience it, but all the while you are not looking to the right. You have been gazing at left for a while, and have even ventured in the upward direction. Now I don't know if you've changed your mind along the way, but I believe you have a good idea about which way is right", followed by encouragements.

Now that's a tricky example but take directions out and insert anything, colors, numbers, you get my point. What I am pointing out is the main difference between making judgments and making observations- describing what simply is without labeling it god or bad. Once I put it into these terms, I can see if a thing contributes to my well being and if it does not then it simply isn't for me. If I've gone left, then I just simply choose again and make the necessary adjustments. But I won't call left bad, because that way may work for someone else and if God is all there is then who's "bad"?

I am learning the difference between allowing and toleration. I am who I am though I am always changing, evolving... I am happy with whom I become. And though another may be different from me, it is still good. It is still a blessing. Though I know myself to be freer then before I knew these truths, I would encourage everyone who is happy with their path, to stay on it. Love is so full and big that it is unnecessary to think that there is only one road to it. Plus a world of conformity and sameness, lessens creativity and I would never do that, nor could I succeed if I wanted to.

I'm finding that allowing is very different from tolerating because when I tolerate something, I let it be but I am not happy about it, and therefore binding myself with negativity. We all know enough about energy and circulation. It does me no good to not like something and do nothing about it, other then.... not like it. I see others in their religion sometimes and I wonder what's in it for them to try to get another to cross over to their ways. It must be the dominion god that some people serve. But I bless those people as well, for a candle lit in the sun cannot be seen.

So yeah, I am kinda quiet lately... I desire peace in all of my dealings, and I must know that everybody knows whats best for their highest good. And whatever suffering we are going through is temporary.

I'm learning to speak, think, believe and know a new language. I hope I am communicating effectively.

day 12 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

Day 12 of my 21 day MIND detox-- I am detoxing my home. clearing the clutter, making room for new thought, new love, new movement, new way, new life... I'm releasing what doesn't serve me... lovely. Its time to burn some sage

Today, I stayed home from the 9 to 5 hustle. I matter more (always). I needed a personal day, a deeply rooted personal day and I did a lot of nothing, which is what I really needed. I spent 3 hours playing with my bass, Rooty, and I cleaned. I will be cleaning for a while but I started today. I have been doing a lot of cleansing in the mind so it’s only natural that I see things outside myself that need cleansed as well. (I think the next detox I do will be with food, for a week though cuz I’m a skinny minny.)

Last weekend, Baba gave me some sage to burn and commented on how clear the energy was in my apartment. Baba is the elder that referred to me as his God-Daughter. I was happy he felt that way because he was extremely helpful to me when I went to him after the robbery. So him saying that really meant a lot. He said it seemed balanced, and clear and light. That also lets me know that when I feel exhausted, unproductive, tired, and uninspired when I come home sometimes, it has more to do with ME and my energy then it does with the apartment. Everything I need is inside of me. I have everything I need and more.

I burn frankincense and sage on a regular basis and today was definitely the day to double up. I am embracing so much newness and abundance and I am expecting so much more, yet I have not made many aspects of my life welcome just yet. I am making my mind, brain, spirit ready, yet I don’t want to “live” there. The idea is for both the mind to be open and the feet to be grounded, where ever I am. There are things in my outer reality that are shifting significantly.

I remember once in my foundations class we were discussing prayer and our power and intention. The instructor mentioned something like “we are not making anything ‘happen’; we are not asking for something to ‘happen”. We are making it ‘welcome’. Well being is flowing to us always. Abundance is all around us. We see it naturally when we look at nature- can you count grains of sand, leaves on a tree, waves in an ocean? No, it is never-ending. There is an infinite flow of goodness always flowing to us, yet WE tend to get in the way. And by we, I mean me (or whoever will ponder this), and who I really mean is EGO, (Edging God Out).

My ego blocks the divine stream of pure energy. Anytime I feel alone, or like I need to do something by myself and that I HAS to be this way only, not only am I moving from my ego, I am setting myself up for destruction because those actions/thoughts/feelings lead me to grow attached to a specific outcome and when that outcome doesn’t come, pain shows up gladly.

No, I am never alone and I have a permanent partnership with the Divine, which include other people. I embrace it all. And in embracing it all, I must release what does not serve me to make room. I have been doing a great job with this detox and it has opened my eyes and now I see what’s in my home that does not contribute to my peace. And I’ve been looking at it everyday…

So I am cleaning house, in more ways then one.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

day 11 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

2006 rehearsal, bustin a gut with Dom :)

Day 11 of my 21 day Detox of the mind: I am finding that most of my meditations are centered around attraction and reflections. People can only show me the dominant thought that I hold for them. Today I understand that when I practice the BEST in myself, I bring out the best in others. Negative thoughts don't serve me or the person I am thinking them about.

We are all multifaceted beings. And how many of us have taken full responsibility of what has happened to you in our lives? Really? When I know my thoughts are creative, when I know my worth, when I love me and take care of me, when it matters more to me how I feel, there are certain things that I DO, (see last entry on be-do-have). There have been times in the past where I have cried and have said words like, “you made me cry” or “she/he did this to me”. Now I understand that when ever I am down, I am out of alignment of who I really am. I have forgotten why I came forth to this extraordinary world, which is to experience, know, be and create who I really am. Because I have this awareness, it is sometimes hard for me to get back up, because I know on some level I put myself there. And yes, I can easily pick myself up, but let’s face it, its hard to stand when you are weak. I felt that way before I started this detox. I just kept reminding myself that it was temporary and that I have to connect to who I really am again and again… and again. It is a beautiful process of knowing, forgetting, remembering, knowing, forgetting, remembering.

But I am puling the strings in either allowing something to bother me, or not seeing the full picture of what has occurred.

If I practice knowing my worth, feeling good, loving me, taking care of me, I am projecting that into the universe. I attract just that. I see only that, because it exists very clearly in my mind first. I expect it. Its plain to see this with children, with friends, with co workers, with family. You hear others talk about them in a negative way: This child is wild/ I can’t stand Lisa, she always gossips/ here comes auntie Rose, always beggin. But when that child, or Lisa, or Rose comes and sits next to you, you have a totally different experience with them. That child is a joy, full of energy, wanting to love you and tell you of the greatness he’s discovered. Lisa is very comfortable with you and likes talking about life and the steps she’s taking to make her life better. Rose sees you and is very proud of what you’ve become. Proud to show you off to her friends on the block. She can’t stop smiling.

This is VERY true for me. I have no idea how these beings are when they are not with me. But I do know that it has a lot to do with the energy I carry. It has a lot to do with my expectations. So even if the child is “wild”, I know wild is a judgment based on past experiences of others and to think that of another aspect of God doesn’t really serve me. THAT child is not showing me “wild”. That child is showing me “wonder”. I know this because that is what I am looking for in that child. And who knows, maybe Lisa and Auntie Rose know that I don’t go for gossipin and beggin. They know this because they know that I know my worth. If you fed your children fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and was very diligent and specific in their quest to health and others see that, they wouldn't dare offer them a snickers without asking YOU first. It’s the same with you too. When you take care of you, when you MATTER to you, other see that and approach you in a like matter.

If my dominant thought about someone is, “He ain’t sh!t” then it will be impossible for me to see anything other than that in them. Not to mention (and I haven’t even started with this yet) WE ARE ONE! If I have that kind of thought about another, then on some level I am thinking that thought for me. Especially if I am truly effected by this person. It is certainly a reflection of me, as opposites do not attract. On top of all that, who feels “good” thinking those thoughts anyway?

Its starts inside, always. I practice the best in me so it’s not a task to see the best in others. And they bring it out when they are around me.

day 10 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

Marvin Gaye Tribute- I sang Flyin High in a Friendly Sky... Katie Piper caught me takin off

Day 10 of my 21 detox of the mind: I remember that "the basis of my life is Freedom; the purpose of my life is JOY" (Abraham-Hicks) -marinate on that, while I have my naked-dancing-without-curtains time... I feel great

Be Do Have

There are some people who have it backwards. I was definitely one of them. I thought if I had the things I wanted, I can do what I wanted and then be happy- If I had a million dollars, I could feel free to travel the world, and then I’d be happy. And we all know (or you at least know me to believe) that thought is creative. And a thought like that keeps you waiting and certainly UNhappy. Waiting to be happy, waiting to do what you really want to do. But if I reverse it I can experience what I intend at a much rapid pace, pretty much immediately considering there’s no time in the Divine.

I can BE peace. From this being-ness I DO what’s natural for me and what brings me more peace. By default I am attracting who I am. I HAVE more of the energy that I project. I HAVE everything I need and more, because I am my source. I am peace, (an aspect of the Divine)

I can BE happy. From this state of being, I DO what comes natural for me. I DO what happy does. I HAVE everything I need and more. By default I am calling forth things and circumstances that are of a like essence.

I can BE free. I am FREE. I DO free (rather well). I HAVE FREEDOM. I attract those who are free, who either know it, or need a reminder.

I can go straight to BE and not wait to experience all that comes next. At the end of the day, I believe that’s what we all want. When we fuss over money or the lack there of, its usually: a million dollar check would clear up my debt and I could pay my bills, do what I want, and feel free, feel less like I owe anyone, feel no fear, doubt, worry, or concern. Be real with yourself. If someone gave you that check right now, you wouldn’t dare sit pretty on it, and do nothing, and feel like you got what you really wanted. What you really wanted was freedom, peace, happiness, joy, love, worth, or worthiness, strength, abundance, prosperity, grounded-ness, holy, fulfilled, LOVED. BUT YOU ARE THOSE THINGS (my bad… too pushy/preachy/shouldy. You will have to decide that on your own, but I will always remind you). now where was I….. BUT I AM THOSE THINGS ALREADY! All of this is an aspect of the Divine, and if God is all there is, then that means me too. I can know that now and experience those things RIGHT NOW, this instant.

I am strengthening my knowing. Though it started with faith, I wouldn’t call it faith today. Faith leads into believing. Believing leads to knowing.

My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. M knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG.


Day 9 of my 21 Day Detox of the mind was actually a quiet and reflective day. I didn't say much and my meditations were longer today. Maybe I am remembering to create time to listen. Love communicates to us always, how often are we listening?

And that’s what I did today. Meditation is kind of hard for me. I don’t know if my virgo side is always seeking to over analyze, but its hard to let go and focus on my breath, because I tend to have A LOT of head chatter. But today I worked hard at soothing my chatter. Rubbing it on its back. Calming it down. Massaging the chatters fingers. I took extra time to be a loving mother to the chatter. In the past I was a yelling mother to her. Now I am learning to be there and console. My head was busy today but my heart never gave up. My heart was there to love me head to silence. I took extra care and time today.

I actually don’t know what to say, so I won’t force it… Ase

Thursday, June 24, 2010


me and my mama at opening night 2006

Today I remember the importance of relationships. I use all of my relationships (familial/friends/romantic) to help define and create the highest idea I ever held of myself. If I find that a relationship no longer serves me, I make the necessary adjustments for my health, spirit, and sanity. Experiencing the ever-expansion of my Self is my intention.

How can you know yourself as tall without knowing short? How can you know yourself as kind unless you do someone a kindness? How can you know what it means to forgive unless someone spites you? What other ways can you experience these things if it weren't for relationships? (seriously).

I haven't brought up my album in a while (purposely), but I have an album entitled REMEMBER ME, and for the bonus track (title track), I did a piece inspired by a story by Neale Donald Walsch. read it
here. It changed my life, and its a short read...... and WE'RE BACK!

Since reading this story, I have looked at all of my relationships as such. Monsters and victims disappeared immediately. An immense amount of gratitude came over me as I saw all the "bad" guys in my relationship defining who I am today, and what I REALLY WANT. Even the relationships I have with my family lead me to be conscious of the places in my life where I am governed by love or fear. I don't know how I would have known this without them. I was OPEN after reading that story. We live in the world of relativity. And I love it. I know that I am choosing it all, and I have certainly called forth the opposite so that I may no myself as mySelf.

Now I no longer need to call forth the opposite, for I have enough experience to know who I truly am. But I must REMEMBER it. Yet we are creators, creating our experiences, situations, and our lives. Relationships enable me to create my circumstances, and myself actively. And when the relationship doesn't serve me, I make the necessary adjustment of either by reworking it in my mind to make sense, offer suggestions that both parties could take part in, or leave. Either way, I have a choice in the matter. I HAVE to choose. And as long as I’m choosing, I am creating. I am authoring my experience, my life.

and as long as I am working on me, I know that I am attracting someone who is doing the same. That way, we can work on ourselves individually and naturally (and actively) contribute to each-others well being… (to be continue as relationship “talk” will never be complete).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

day 6 and 7 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

(Green calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it's ability to develop increase in all areas.)

On Day 6 and 7 of my 21 Day Detox of the Mind, I remembered the law of attraction and circulation, respectively. I've chosen to combine the post because the laws are somewhat intertwined and... well, cuz IT WAS THE WEEKEND!!!

I briefly discussed this in the "energy" blog, but a lot of people mistaken the law or attraction and the law of circulation for karma or what goes around comes around. Now, I won't get into how others feel, but I know when I hear phrases like that, I think of action only. I get stuck in the doing. I very rarely hear about energy, or giving in joy.

Law of attraction- creating with your thoughts, attracting what you give your attention to, attracting who you are (opposites do not attract- on some level you and your alleged opposite line up identically).

Every thought is a prayer and worrying is like praying for what you DON'T want to happen. And just as I used to get chased by many dogs because I was scared, I am always attracting that which I give my attention to. Luckily I have the buffer of time and I am consciously moving intentional thoughts. My current life is the result of my past thoughts. With this detox I am practicing on a regular basis, FEELING GOOD. and attracting it. And time is actually on my side as I am changing my life at a rapid speed.

Law of circulation- being in the flow, giving from a loving place, knowing that I have everything I need and more, being eager to give, and knowing that I am in the flow. Remembering that abundance is my birthright. Walking with a abundant, prosperous, never ending stream of goodness-consciousness, making this my mantra. RELEASING THE "I AIN'T GOT NO-" MANTRA! I am in the flow of my good and there is enough for everyone.

No one wants to play catch with a ball hog and if I am feeling "bad" about my giving I am not in the flow of "good".

If I am giving to get "it", then I never had "it" in the first place and through law of attraction, the universe will match my believing of "not having it" with "nothing".

I had a beautiful weekend. I went to brunch in my neighborhood, bought a couple of books from a specialty book store and bought some stones in union sq, with an elder (who introduced me as his God Daughter-I was pleasantly surprised). I bought and am studying lapis, azeztulite, green calcite (pictured), spectrolite, rose quartz, amethyst, and moss agate. If God is all there is, then that includes the minerals and plants and their healing/aiding properties. I am not lending my power to these things because I know I have everything I need to access inside of me, but I will not discount the world around me when it can assist me in accessing me.

These stones are new to me. My first encounter with one (spectrolite) was very magical. I can't say that I am having a similar experience this time around. Maybe a while back with spectrolite, I had a huge blockage of energy somewhere, and it was opened... and now it's kinda in between. I have no idea. But I continue to meditate and quiet my thoughts, with and without a stone, for I know when I practice this, I am really practicing quieting my mind so my heart can be heard more clearly.

And Sunday, i spent the most of the day recording. Each time I was on the train, I meditated, (an hour and 15 mins each way).

This week, I must incorporate some affirmations. But I feel a difference and am so proud of me.

I'm doin great

Friday, June 18, 2010


Today I said thank you, ALL Day. I am remembering Gratitude, and relearning how to think independently of any situation. Today I am winning in the most beautiful ways and I am so grateful. I am grateful for ALL Things no matter how they appear in this moment. I know that it is all in Divine Order for me to REAL-IZE my power. And I know that it is all God (typo, but I'm keepin it)...

Soooooooo, something happened yesterday that under normal circumstances, I would have fell to pieces. But because I'm leaving normal and headed toward exceptional (because I've been practicing feeling good), it didn't bother me as much. A bright light went off and it was what I needed. Though it hurt me, the hurt did not last long because all week I've been walking in love and knowing that everything is unfolding as it should. I needed to see and hear it the way that I did. And all day today, I kept saying thank you. I walked taller than I ever walked before today. I'm loving this whole "think independently of the situation" thing. I did a great job and no one will get in the way of me getting ME out of the way for spirit to flow freely.

My ego was so quiet and non-existent today. It stayed in its box and did not interrupt my love walk. I allowed the outer circumstances to be. I did not try to change it and sparked such a strong force of compassion and it was so easy to let go of what I've been holding so closely to me for 4 years (by force [ego]).

Meditation has helped me tremendously this week. I think next week (monday), I will incorporate some affirmations.

I'm alive and choosing well, and I am grateful to know these truths.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Energy. I remembered energy. I actually had “the law of circulation” in mind but I Energy came up first during my 2nd meditation. And I think it’s better to speak about it before the law of circulation because “stuff” is usually thought of when throw in terms and phrases like “Karma”, “What Goes Around Comes Back Around”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “Give and you shall receive”. There is a lot of “action” implied in all of that, but not much is discussed about energy, so I’m grateful for that inspiration to come through as clear as it did. I’m finding all of this consistent meditation is quieting my chatty mind, but it’s a journey, a process.

Today I was very conscious of the energy I contributed. I paid a bill today and was not all that happy about it. I could feel myself getting discouraged about my financial situation. I felt like I was lacking everything I “needed” and that I would never make it above water. I brought that energy to my 11am meditation, and sat with it for a minute. And then I remembered a talk from Creative Light Spiritual Center entitled “Money is Love”. (Now, it could have been the talk, or it could have been God, but what’s the difference if God is all there it is.)

I was reminded about energy- that everything is energy, even money. And if I want anything to change about my relationship with money then I need to remember again and again that money is Love. The energy I put behind it must be balanced and clear as well. I cannot feel bad about giving money, loaning it, paying a bill, giving to the homeless. If I feel bad when I’m giving, I am giving the receiver my “bad”. That may be hard to hear as some would like to believe that if I am giving money to anyone then I would get it back somehow, cuz I gave it. But on the contrary, if while if I am giving and I am coming from a thought of lack, or not enoughness, (I’m giving to get = I never had it in the 1st place…this bill is always so high when I pay it= I never have enough for it… I loaned you my last= and I’m not gonna get more)… yeah, all of THAT, if I am giving money and I’m putting all that energy behind it, then I cannot be surprised when I get it RIGHT BACK. Ain’t no million dollar check comin from THAT!!!!

Today I was very conscious of the energy I contributed. I am always looking to contribute, love, abundance, prosperity, healing, wholeness, togetherness, and ease to my life, to wherever I am and to anyone I encounter.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I remembered that my thought is creative. I feel really good. As I said earlier, I'm still adding to the program and I think I will add some dance time. I think I wanna create time to bug out in my place. I feel REALLY good when do this. Today, I came home and cooked and did this incense dance with Frank-incense all around my apartment. I've been told that burning frankincense has the same effect as burning sage as far as clearing unwanted energy. I just like the way it smells and it felt good dancing with it around my place.

Back to remembering... Today I recalled the creative process, the triune nature of it, (conscious thought/seed - subjective mind/soil - manifestation/form). This is God, and I am one in and of it, meaning when I have a thought it is projected outward into the ether and produces form. Every thought is a prayer and with enough attention to it, produces form. Today I remembered to pay close attention to what I was thinking and how I see my life. I was very conscious of the energy I released.

In the past I was known for "practicing" a thought of insecurity, lack, fear, worry, concern...etc. And though I am making the necessary changes now and am very aware of it, the goal is to make the "New Thought" a habit. It will become natural for me to rework things in my head so that feel better about them. I will use the creative process and I won't let it use me...

My thoughts are conscious and not sub/unconscious. My thought behind my thought (sponsoring thought) is full of love, expansion, more than enough ness, joy, abundance, ease, excitement, passion, and smiles).

I am making the effort to be in constant prayer...



Today I remember that if Love is all there is, then that includes me too. I am one in the Divine Presence of Love/God/Goddess/Universe/Source Energy/Joy/Abundance/Prosperity/Well Being--- LOVE.

I found a quiet spot at my job for my reconnect time. Yesterday, (day one) I tried reconnecting in a bathroom stall but I'm sure you can imagine how that turned out... I am finding it to be a bit easier though and I am also noticing my looking forward to it (7,11,3,7,11)... Today I missed one because of a recording session but I made up for it while on my train ride home. I was sitting next to a friend and told him that I needed to take a moment for some deep breaths and was surprised in the end when I saw him doing the same. We meditated together. I was grateful for that.

Today I started my morning by saying over and over again: I am made of love. I am made of light. I said it for about 45 minutes. It was great for reprogramming my "computer" because I heard it often while at work.

The challenge that I am having is journalling/blogging about it. Currently it is 1:20am and I am UP! It was a long day and I am very tired, but am committed to this process. So even if its a journal entry just to check in on how I'm feeling, I must do it. I am making a bigger effort to pay attention to my emotions, when I'm feeling less than good and when I'm feeling good. It matters more (now than ever), how I feel.

I feel really good, and I know I'm doing a great job.

I am love and I love you dearly for checking on me, (seriously).


Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been said that it takes 21 days to either add a habit or to break habit in your life. I have heard this from a number of sources. I have also found some extraordinary energy around the number 21. See below:

3: Three is the number of the triad, of the unit formed by duality (2) and its offspring (1), of the three faces of the goddess (virgin, mother, and crone), of the creation that is made possible by joining forces with another, the tripartite genitalia of the male and the genital triangle of the female. http://accessnewage.com/articles/Tarot/Tarot3.htm

Number of the perfection by excellence, 3 x 7, according to the Bible.

Represent the harmony of the creation.

Number representing the union of Trinity, whose result of their common action makes emerge the creation. (above 3 from http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu21.php )

There are 21 amino-acids.

Esu represents perspective, opening of doors to opportunity, crossroads, choosing a path, and I believe 21 is one of his numbers..

( go ahead count the starts )

Today, I started a 21 day, detox of the mind (if you will). It’s a fast, a journey, a transformation. Earlier this year, I mentioned that “practice” would be the word for the year. And so far it has proven to be a task, only because I have neglected to take it seriously. Though I have been finding time to practice my craft, and learning the bass guitar, I have not developed a consistent practice in reconnecting and realigning to Spirit. I have beaten myself about it long enough and now realize that when I do abuse my self, no matter how big or small the reason may be, I INVITE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME- whether I attract the people who always seem to find something negative to say about themselves, I attract the friends who always seem to have a “harsh” critique of me, and/or change the behaviors of my closest friends around me- the friends who usually have something positive to say now have found a way to pressure me and get on my damn nerves…

“You bring out the best in others when you practice the best in yourself”

So yeah… I know full well how I got to this place. It’s time I leave and I am grateful to have a treasure map to follow. I am grateful to remember who I am in this moment. I am grateful to know that I have a choice in everything I do and in everything I feel.

Its Day 1 of my “21 days of RE covery, RE calling, RE aligning, RE centering, RE MEMBERING all of the intricate beautiful pieces of me is today”. I meditated 5 times today, (7,11,3,7, and right before bed- ideally 11, but I may go earlier than that). At those times, through out the day, I will either pray, meditate, or say some affirmations over and over again. I will blog about it as well. I’m still adding to the program and am taking any suggestions. I will practice for 21 days and will soon incorporate it into my life.

Today I remembered that Love is all there is.

I love you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Letters 2 (Prayer)

I stand here knowing that God is all there is. God is love. God is all of love. Source Energy is abundance, lavish abundance.

I am one in the abundance that is God. I see God inside of me and in everyone, all around me within the many trees in nature and within the many buildings the city. I see it all. Evidence of more-than-enough-ness is found in me. God is I am.

Money flows to me as God does... and I am open to receive it all. Money is an energy. Money is love. Money is mine and I give it freely. Money flows to me freely and I share everything generously. I know the truth of me and I am a money MAGNET! My connection with the ALL ABUNDANT is powerful therefore I am abundant in the Divine. I am God made manifest and I have a lot to give. The world loves everything that I have to offer and wants more of it and I am so happy to oblige.

I am grateful to share love, grateful to share ENERGY. I am eager to give for when I give I am an active participant in the flow. I am grateful for the expansion. I am grateful to speak this word and to the know the truth of WHO I AM.

I let go of this prayer knowing that there is more expansion to come. I release this prayer with love and assurance. Divine is moving now and I open with excitement. I release this prayer in to the law of circulation saying and so it is... Ase