Sunday, June 20, 2010

day 6 and 7 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

(Green calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it's ability to develop increase in all areas.)

On Day 6 and 7 of my 21 Day Detox of the Mind, I remembered the law of attraction and circulation, respectively. I've chosen to combine the post because the laws are somewhat intertwined and... well, cuz IT WAS THE WEEKEND!!!

I briefly discussed this in the "energy" blog, but a lot of people mistaken the law or attraction and the law of circulation for karma or what goes around comes around. Now, I won't get into how others feel, but I know when I hear phrases like that, I think of action only. I get stuck in the doing. I very rarely hear about energy, or giving in joy.

Law of attraction- creating with your thoughts, attracting what you give your attention to, attracting who you are (opposites do not attract- on some level you and your alleged opposite line up identically).

Every thought is a prayer and worrying is like praying for what you DON'T want to happen. And just as I used to get chased by many dogs because I was scared, I am always attracting that which I give my attention to. Luckily I have the buffer of time and I am consciously moving intentional thoughts. My current life is the result of my past thoughts. With this detox I am practicing on a regular basis, FEELING GOOD. and attracting it. And time is actually on my side as I am changing my life at a rapid speed.

Law of circulation- being in the flow, giving from a loving place, knowing that I have everything I need and more, being eager to give, and knowing that I am in the flow. Remembering that abundance is my birthright. Walking with a abundant, prosperous, never ending stream of goodness-consciousness, making this my mantra. RELEASING THE "I AIN'T GOT NO-" MANTRA! I am in the flow of my good and there is enough for everyone.

No one wants to play catch with a ball hog and if I am feeling "bad" about my giving I am not in the flow of "good".

If I am giving to get "it", then I never had "it" in the first place and through law of attraction, the universe will match my believing of "not having it" with "nothing".

I had a beautiful weekend. I went to brunch in my neighborhood, bought a couple of books from a specialty book store and bought some stones in union sq, with an elder (who introduced me as his God Daughter-I was pleasantly surprised). I bought and am studying lapis, azeztulite, green calcite (pictured), spectrolite, rose quartz, amethyst, and moss agate. If God is all there is, then that includes the minerals and plants and their healing/aiding properties. I am not lending my power to these things because I know I have everything I need to access inside of me, but I will not discount the world around me when it can assist me in accessing me.

These stones are new to me. My first encounter with one (spectrolite) was very magical. I can't say that I am having a similar experience this time around. Maybe a while back with spectrolite, I had a huge blockage of energy somewhere, and it was opened... and now it's kinda in between. I have no idea. But I continue to meditate and quiet my thoughts, with and without a stone, for I know when I practice this, I am really practicing quieting my mind so my heart can be heard more clearly.

And Sunday, i spent the most of the day recording. Each time I was on the train, I meditated, (an hour and 15 mins each way).

This week, I must incorporate some affirmations. But I feel a difference and am so proud of me.

I'm doin great


matthew said...

finally got caught up with all of these..

you already know through our discussions we aim at similar goals, so when i say i'm proud of you and happy for you i truly mean it cuz i place a personal investment in your movement toward a more real-ized nakia :-)

and i already told you how happy i am to see you share your journey and revalations therin, with the world..

keep it up ms loni.

love ya.


DonnyElle said...

all i can say is "wow"! lakara told me i needed to read this, your blog, and i am hooked. please keep it coming because i was thirsty for it!

Nakia Henry said...

thanks Matthew and Donny... thank you

Healing Qi Tree said...

Hey nakia,

it was calcite that caught and held me. my mum told me when i was little about 2-3 she placed me in a islamic day-care/school which was safe and they gave us stuff to help us cultivate our selves...i dunno about that but i claim omowale as a diefied god-father/ancestor...nonetheless the essence of the story is that she came one day to pick me up and i was standing with some dirt i gathered in my hands and the children were standing around me while i just looked at it. right now i just chuckle because its so me. so what you say about not lending power to these things because you know you have everything you need to access inside of yourself. i'm reading a book by carlos barrios called the book of destiny (with a subtitle) its perfect timing though id honestly have appreciated it years ago as well, but then i was on octavia butler and some other writers of inner magick. carlos continuously emphasizes that god is right in front of us...we stand on her and wake to him...the duality of nature/life the male/female the yin yang...god...she wants us to respect and use respectfully what she provides for us because we cultivate her though us. that may not make sense to other readers but i hope its clear to you. in that from god to in, energy out...lets keep cultivating ourselves as god and the divine will become more present for everyone. paz. ps i will look for my cheat notes on stones via chinese philosophy and hopefully take the time to send you some aspects of them. pss (or is it pps?) i put a huge chunk of green calcite by the water fountain in the clinic to energize the water...since they purified it before they put it in the bottle...check this book out if you haven't the secret life of water. i'm out like shout oooo ahh ooo ahh