Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Traveling 1/7/10

I am in my livingroom and it seems as though there's a party in the next room. It is light outside. DJ Concerned is trying to get some sleep on my couch and on the other couch there is a baby. On the couch with the baby, it felt cold so the baby was bundled up. On DJ Concerned's couch, it was really hot. He wanted to turn on the fan which was also an air conditioner and I told him no because the baby would be colder and then sick. DJ Concerned became Kristen from work. Kristen decides to go in another room to try to get some sleep. I am getting ready to leave and I notice that he needs a key to leave my house.

I am sitting in a car with Cris from work, and I ask him if he has an extra key. He does not. We hug. Kristen comes out of the house with an extra key, he found. Cris and I are happy that we don't have to get more keys cut.

The car turns into a bus. I'm not sure where we are headed but Cris is standing up flexing his muscles. I like watching him flex his muscles lol. (sorry, but thats funny to me). The doors open on the bus, but they open the way train doors open. They open half way and I say, "I bet you Cris can get through that tiny space." He smiles and tears open the doors and leaves for his destination. The girls go wild.

I am sitting next to Anna from work, and I offer her some "apple jack crumb cookies". She tries to take one but they crumble at her touch. Her bags begin to fall to the side. There was a pink and green bag, a green blag, and a blue bag. As I help her retrieve them they fall down again. I place it safely on the seat, it falls. We do this for about 4 or 5 times.

I see a girl I went to school with named Melanie. When we were in high school she had short hair and now she has long hair. Long haired Melanie is sitting next to me and short haired Melanie is 3 or 4 seats ahead of me. I approach short hair and tell her how good it is to see her. I sit back down to long hair and long hair begins to talk trash about short hair. She is getting loud talking about how here relationship with "Q" was horrible and how he use her. She says these horrible things about her and it gets louder and louder to the point of her singing it out. I am embarrassed and I ask her to stop... she just laughs

and then I wake up

Time Traveling 1/6/10

I witnessed a robbery/murder. I don't think I was there, but I saw it. A man with light skin and brown hair came into a bodega/cafe and killed the owner behind the counter. He stabbed him. Another man came in to purchase something and the murderer pretended to be the store owner and completed the transaction. The Murderer had on a white t shirt and what looked like a red scarf around his neck, but it may have been blood. Eventually, the police came in and removed both men, the killer and the killed.

My friend Nikki was asked to be new management. She was trilled as she was looking for a 2nd job, and this seemed to be perfect. I am in the store with her now. She is explaining all of her aspirations with the store which is now also a bakery. She is smiling and telling me what she'd like to do but that she would need some help, some workers. While she is talking, she is taking some fresh cupcakes out of the oven. I listen to her as I pick up a chocolate cupcake with alot of frosting, and bite. I remember that our friend Jamal was looking for a job. I also remembered that he is pretty lazy. But I look for him anyway.

I walk to his house. When I get there, there are children everywhere, all over the front lawn. I go on to the porch where there is a dinner table and children are getting ready to eat. The mother, or daycare worker, is mean to the children, or maybe she is tired and there are aLOT of kids. I see Jennifer, a girl my mother used to watch when I was in high school. I hug her and tell how its really good to see her. I ask the mother/daycare worker where Jamal is and she tells me that he is in the house. I don't believe her.

I approach the door, I barely go inside, but I call Jamal's name. He doesn't answer and I leave.

I am in my bedroom now, half way sitting and lying on it, while Steven is leaning against the wall across from me rolling a cigarette. We are talking all things spiritual. I mention to him that if he is rolling a regular cigarette then he will have to go outside to smoke it, but if it was a strawberry cigarette he could stay inside. But we both go and sit on the stoop while he smokes his strawberry cigarette. Continuing out conversation, I see a tall lengthy man approaching us from a distance. It reminds me of Jamal. I think to myself, "maybe he is looking for me because I stopped by his house". As he gets closer and closer, he gets a little shorter and looks different. It is my younger brother Ryan. He says he heard that I knew about a new job. I thought to myself: "why didn't i think of him first"

and then...

Time Traveling 1/5/10

I am in town (Detroit) for the Holidays and my father would like to show me around. Take me to see some family I hadn't seen in a while. My father, in this strange place, is uuuuhm a prominent choreographer who I will call Phil Z. Rones. While he walked me from place to place, we mentioned how it would be really nice if we could all get together and dance nude. He mentioned that the family is different nowadays and that it might be difficult this time around because they are not comfortable anymore. "They don't know the form" he said. I think the overall idea was to get them to dance nude, which in this strange world, was synonymous with "creating".

He dropped me off over a friends house and it is NYE. This friend had to go to school on the holiday. I stayed at his place while he did that. He lived in a basement apartment. I walked from room to room until I was in my childhood house and I saw Malkia, my sister is her room, with a baby on her lap. She was sitting on her bed and in front of a tv. She warned me that my friend was a cheater and that everyone that went to the particular school he went to, was a cheater. "Thats what the school was known for" she explained. But I wasn't bothered by it. Malkia was doing the babies hair as she tried to warn me.

My friend came home from school and we decide to "do it". The new year had begun. We went into the next room which resembled an unfinished garage. broken pieces of wood all around. 2X4s. The roof was similar, unfinished. We took off our clothes and we danced. "Doing it" meant dancing naked. We felt liberated. I don't think we touched at all. His frame was tall, and strong. I enjoyed it immensely.

And then I woke up... wrote it down and

I am on the 1 train and I am above ground. I am on the way to a talent contest where uuuuhm Derek Foberson is the judge. He is actually in the same car as me. I know this and am trying to spark up a conversation. He is not budging one bit. Then I look on the floor of the train and notice that I have a couple pair of panties on the there. One pair is red with gold stars on them and the other is a faded blue and kind of shiney. They were my panties and I tried to retrieve them, but I don't think I did in time. He saw them and I was so embarrassed.

And then I woke up again

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time Traveling 1/4/10 11:30pmish'

My friend "Steven" wanted to show me his new place. I have been neglecting to visit because I am really good friends with his ex and he is also in a transitional stage with her. I finally go and its a nice place, kind of reminds me of a basement apartment. He has a dog, and I am afraid of dogs (in "real" life and in this strange place), but in this strange place, the dog is a white girl. Her hair is pulled back in a high pony tail and it is reddish brown. She is very pail. She barks and makes her way toward me and is very excited. I jump and leave the room, and Steven tells me its ok. He explains that the dog is very friendly, and commands the dog to do this trick that he so proud of. She jumps up, really high. Almost to Stevens head. She jumps straight up and bends her legs when she is in the air. For whatever reason, this was amazing and magical. Steven gives me a tour of his home and I notice that his walls are like a royal blue... almost navy. There was grafitti or painting on the walls. It wasn't a solid color all the way through, but for the most part there are shades of blue and light brown, but mostly blue.

Steven and I decide to take a nap. He is at the head of his bed and I am at the foot of his bed. We go to sleep. I opened my eyes and noticing that we were in the same position but with our clothes off. We are no longer side by side, but on the same "line" where our legs were over lapping and out bottoms were touching slightly. Steven enjoyed this, while I just thought it was odd.

I closed my eyes and opened them again and I was in bed clothed again with his girlfriend "Lucy". Lucy was smiling in her sleep as if she was playfully pretending. She knew somehow that I was awake and she sat up and seemed excited about showing me the rest of the place. She showed me the kitchen where I remember staring at the refrigerator magnets for a very long time. She took my hand and wanted to introduce me to her family which also lived there. Lucy seemed very excited.

And then I woke up

Monday, January 4, 2010

Time Traveling 1.0 1/3/10 10pm-1am

I was talking to a friend of mine about a problem she was having. She has had this problem for a while now and I think it concerned a man. She came to me with her solution which was to wear a special jacket whenever talking to him. The jacket was a dark jacket with beads all over it and the collar was silver and also beaded. She was really excited about the idea. She would wear the jacket to protect herself when dealing with her man friend. Though the man friend wasn't physically abusive to her, she felt she needed protection.

I wanted to tell her that I thought it was a silly idea but the next thing I remember was driving a car and talking on the phone at the same time. I don't usually drive so I am kind of nervous. I am on the phone with "Billy". I am explaining a great idea I had to Billy and he seemed very interested and enthusiastic. It is day time, and it is well lit. The sky is beautiful. I am still nervous, I don't know if its because I am driving or if its because I am on the phone with Billy, which sometimes makes me nervous because I don't want to say the wrong thing to him. I come to a bridge and notice I huge hump like bump in the road. The hump is actually the bridge, and I have to drive up the hump to get to the other side. To concentrate i put the phone down and explain that I can't talk right now. I am driving over the bridge and I am going higher and higher. I think I am safe. The height reminds me of a roller coaster. I am in the clouds, on the bridge, driving upward and just as I get to the top, I drive down a corkscrew like road with no ending. The road has run out and I am headed towards water.

I fall into the water. It is just my body. There is no car. I fall head on and hit the water. I try to protect my eyes while under the water because I wear contacts. But somehow my eyes are open and I see very clearly. While under the water, I notice it is well lit. Its not dark or murky at all. I notice 2 sets of legs walking and then I begin to try to stand up in the water, which is no longer deep.

They are 2 boys, kind of short and chubby, light brown skin with ceasar hair cuts. They looked black but they seem a bit ambiguous. I hear them say something about Yoga and it reminded me of dancing. When I asked them about dance class they seemed as though they didn't understand my words. Then I asked them where was their "Yoga Maker", and they pointed me in a direction. I was on a beach. A beach with many inhabitants. Everyone was wearing dark dirty looking clothing. Shorts and t-shirts with the arms cut off. Dark blue, burgundy, brown. I asked 3 people before I was directed to a big house. They told me to go upstairs and ask, which I did.

I went up the staircase, sat down with someone and said I was looking for the Yoga maker, in which they replied: "You mean dancer?" I explained to them my story

and then i woke up