Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Traveling 1/5/10

I am in town (Detroit) for the Holidays and my father would like to show me around. Take me to see some family I hadn't seen in a while. My father, in this strange place, is uuuuhm a prominent choreographer who I will call Phil Z. Rones. While he walked me from place to place, we mentioned how it would be really nice if we could all get together and dance nude. He mentioned that the family is different nowadays and that it might be difficult this time around because they are not comfortable anymore. "They don't know the form" he said. I think the overall idea was to get them to dance nude, which in this strange world, was synonymous with "creating".

He dropped me off over a friends house and it is NYE. This friend had to go to school on the holiday. I stayed at his place while he did that. He lived in a basement apartment. I walked from room to room until I was in my childhood house and I saw Malkia, my sister is her room, with a baby on her lap. She was sitting on her bed and in front of a tv. She warned me that my friend was a cheater and that everyone that went to the particular school he went to, was a cheater. "Thats what the school was known for" she explained. But I wasn't bothered by it. Malkia was doing the babies hair as she tried to warn me.

My friend came home from school and we decide to "do it". The new year had begun. We went into the next room which resembled an unfinished garage. broken pieces of wood all around. 2X4s. The roof was similar, unfinished. We took off our clothes and we danced. "Doing it" meant dancing naked. We felt liberated. I don't think we touched at all. His frame was tall, and strong. I enjoyed it immensely.

And then I woke up... wrote it down and

I am on the 1 train and I am above ground. I am on the way to a talent contest where uuuuhm Derek Foberson is the judge. He is actually in the same car as me. I know this and am trying to spark up a conversation. He is not budging one bit. Then I look on the floor of the train and notice that I have a couple pair of panties on the there. One pair is red with gold stars on them and the other is a faded blue and kind of shiney. They were my panties and I tried to retrieve them, but I don't think I did in time. He saw them and I was so embarrassed.

And then I woke up again

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