Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Traveling 1/6/10

I witnessed a robbery/murder. I don't think I was there, but I saw it. A man with light skin and brown hair came into a bodega/cafe and killed the owner behind the counter. He stabbed him. Another man came in to purchase something and the murderer pretended to be the store owner and completed the transaction. The Murderer had on a white t shirt and what looked like a red scarf around his neck, but it may have been blood. Eventually, the police came in and removed both men, the killer and the killed.

My friend Nikki was asked to be new management. She was trilled as she was looking for a 2nd job, and this seemed to be perfect. I am in the store with her now. She is explaining all of her aspirations with the store which is now also a bakery. She is smiling and telling me what she'd like to do but that she would need some help, some workers. While she is talking, she is taking some fresh cupcakes out of the oven. I listen to her as I pick up a chocolate cupcake with alot of frosting, and bite. I remember that our friend Jamal was looking for a job. I also remembered that he is pretty lazy. But I look for him anyway.

I walk to his house. When I get there, there are children everywhere, all over the front lawn. I go on to the porch where there is a dinner table and children are getting ready to eat. The mother, or daycare worker, is mean to the children, or maybe she is tired and there are aLOT of kids. I see Jennifer, a girl my mother used to watch when I was in high school. I hug her and tell how its really good to see her. I ask the mother/daycare worker where Jamal is and she tells me that he is in the house. I don't believe her.

I approach the door, I barely go inside, but I call Jamal's name. He doesn't answer and I leave.

I am in my bedroom now, half way sitting and lying on it, while Steven is leaning against the wall across from me rolling a cigarette. We are talking all things spiritual. I mention to him that if he is rolling a regular cigarette then he will have to go outside to smoke it, but if it was a strawberry cigarette he could stay inside. But we both go and sit on the stoop while he smokes his strawberry cigarette. Continuing out conversation, I see a tall lengthy man approaching us from a distance. It reminds me of Jamal. I think to myself, "maybe he is looking for me because I stopped by his house". As he gets closer and closer, he gets a little shorter and looks different. It is my younger brother Ryan. He says he heard that I knew about a new job. I thought to myself: "why didn't i think of him first"

and then...

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