Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Traveling 1/7/10

I am in my livingroom and it seems as though there's a party in the next room. It is light outside. DJ Concerned is trying to get some sleep on my couch and on the other couch there is a baby. On the couch with the baby, it felt cold so the baby was bundled up. On DJ Concerned's couch, it was really hot. He wanted to turn on the fan which was also an air conditioner and I told him no because the baby would be colder and then sick. DJ Concerned became Kristen from work. Kristen decides to go in another room to try to get some sleep. I am getting ready to leave and I notice that he needs a key to leave my house.

I am sitting in a car with Cris from work, and I ask him if he has an extra key. He does not. We hug. Kristen comes out of the house with an extra key, he found. Cris and I are happy that we don't have to get more keys cut.

The car turns into a bus. I'm not sure where we are headed but Cris is standing up flexing his muscles. I like watching him flex his muscles lol. (sorry, but thats funny to me). The doors open on the bus, but they open the way train doors open. They open half way and I say, "I bet you Cris can get through that tiny space." He smiles and tears open the doors and leaves for his destination. The girls go wild.

I am sitting next to Anna from work, and I offer her some "apple jack crumb cookies". She tries to take one but they crumble at her touch. Her bags begin to fall to the side. There was a pink and green bag, a green blag, and a blue bag. As I help her retrieve them they fall down again. I place it safely on the seat, it falls. We do this for about 4 or 5 times.

I see a girl I went to school with named Melanie. When we were in high school she had short hair and now she has long hair. Long haired Melanie is sitting next to me and short haired Melanie is 3 or 4 seats ahead of me. I approach short hair and tell her how good it is to see her. I sit back down to long hair and long hair begins to talk trash about short hair. She is getting loud talking about how here relationship with "Q" was horrible and how he use her. She says these horrible things about her and it gets louder and louder to the point of her singing it out. I am embarrassed and I ask her to stop... she just laughs

and then I wake up

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