Monday, January 4, 2010

Time Traveling 1.0 1/3/10 10pm-1am

I was talking to a friend of mine about a problem she was having. She has had this problem for a while now and I think it concerned a man. She came to me with her solution which was to wear a special jacket whenever talking to him. The jacket was a dark jacket with beads all over it and the collar was silver and also beaded. She was really excited about the idea. She would wear the jacket to protect herself when dealing with her man friend. Though the man friend wasn't physically abusive to her, she felt she needed protection.

I wanted to tell her that I thought it was a silly idea but the next thing I remember was driving a car and talking on the phone at the same time. I don't usually drive so I am kind of nervous. I am on the phone with "Billy". I am explaining a great idea I had to Billy and he seemed very interested and enthusiastic. It is day time, and it is well lit. The sky is beautiful. I am still nervous, I don't know if its because I am driving or if its because I am on the phone with Billy, which sometimes makes me nervous because I don't want to say the wrong thing to him. I come to a bridge and notice I huge hump like bump in the road. The hump is actually the bridge, and I have to drive up the hump to get to the other side. To concentrate i put the phone down and explain that I can't talk right now. I am driving over the bridge and I am going higher and higher. I think I am safe. The height reminds me of a roller coaster. I am in the clouds, on the bridge, driving upward and just as I get to the top, I drive down a corkscrew like road with no ending. The road has run out and I am headed towards water.

I fall into the water. It is just my body. There is no car. I fall head on and hit the water. I try to protect my eyes while under the water because I wear contacts. But somehow my eyes are open and I see very clearly. While under the water, I notice it is well lit. Its not dark or murky at all. I notice 2 sets of legs walking and then I begin to try to stand up in the water, which is no longer deep.

They are 2 boys, kind of short and chubby, light brown skin with ceasar hair cuts. They looked black but they seem a bit ambiguous. I hear them say something about Yoga and it reminded me of dancing. When I asked them about dance class they seemed as though they didn't understand my words. Then I asked them where was their "Yoga Maker", and they pointed me in a direction. I was on a beach. A beach with many inhabitants. Everyone was wearing dark dirty looking clothing. Shorts and t-shirts with the arms cut off. Dark blue, burgundy, brown. I asked 3 people before I was directed to a big house. They told me to go upstairs and ask, which I did.

I went up the staircase, sat down with someone and said I was looking for the Yoga maker, in which they replied: "You mean dancer?" I explained to them my story

and then i woke up

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