Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is not true.... YET!!!

Just got back to the hotel. Biggest crowd ever. What an experience. Played at the Tamale Sports Stadium in Northern Ghana. I was invited to play for Rocky Dawuni’s Independence Splash 2010. Yeah, who knew I had an audiene here, but I do, and they love me, and I love them. To be quite honest I'm not sure that they knew of me before last month, but it doesn't matter, the show was amazing, and they know me now lol

Last month, I had come here to perform in little cafes with my band and to do some volunteer work in the elementary schools. That was my plan, but after a week or so, my audience got bigger and bigger and everyone wanted to know more about the girl from United States who sang the "grateful song" (its what they call it lol). "Her voice resonates with Healing Power" they keep saying. Meanwhile I would do storytelling at the elementary schools during the day. Spreading the same message as I do in the songs: We are one, all of us make up GOD. So before I knew it, I had an audience of parents, friends, artists, lovers, teachers, nurses... all because of their children.

here's a a blurb about the independence day splash: "Independence Splash [2010] was organized by Dawuni’s Africa Live! NGO and assisted by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, with support from UNICEF and the European Union. The concert drew dignitaries including the Head of the European Union Delegation in Ghana - Filiberto Ceriani Sebregondi, UNICEF Ghana Country Representative - Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque, Northern Regional Minister - Honorable Alhaji Mustapha Ali Idris, Tamale Metropolitan Chief - Mohammed Amin Anta and IPA Director Dr. Sulley Gariba, amongst many others."

Last year, I helped out with their US debut in LA at Afro Funfe', and that was craazzy, peep:

So this year, they decided to bring me out here, and at first I was kinda nervous, I knew I would receive love, but I never imagines this kind. There was a moment when I had the crowd shouting "DON'T BE AFRAID TO LET GO NAKIA" and everyone was together chanting me on as I danced all over the stage un-afraid, almost ran into one of my drummers (sorry Farai lol) but he was dancing wild too, we had a blast. And then later on, while I sang "Transition" for a split second I can see that everyone in that stadium was engaged and invested in the moment. You could hear a pin drop if you payed close attention. and as soon as I ended with "I choose to liiiiiiiive" their was silence fo about 5 seconds, (the longest 5 seconds of my life by the way) and before knew it, the crowd stood to their feet and cheered. Like for real... no slow clap intro, they cheered. I saw people crying, but mostly I saw people just nodding their heads and clapping like they just saw their daughter in a dance recital, they were so proud of their daughter Nakia. aaaahhhhh it was so. beautiful. Its gonna be a whie before I can get some sleep from just thinking about it. So I'm just up, wired... chatting with you :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't think that I blogged about my release, prolly because its been a wild rollercoster ride with lots of downs and ups and downs. But its up now, and the album entitled REMEMBER ME is available for digital download on ITUNES, CDBABY, RHAPSODY, AMAZON, and a slew of other sites, so check me out!!!!!

write a review... or write me at friendsofnakiahenry at gmail dot com. tell me what you think, cuz I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Sales are goin strong and I am very very grateful for all parties involved, especially Fernando "Royal" Singleton. SHOUT OUT!!!!

Ok, back to the business of changing Nakia's life. I started this year with the release of my album, and since then, I am focused on goin even harder. The goal is to become the best performance artist I can be. Would love to travel this year as well... So I'm setting a lot in motion. Lately I have been overwhelmed with my day to day grind, and have decided that i need to make a few drastic changes. I can only hope for the smoothest transition. But once I make the transition, no matter how dramatic the outcome or process, it will be extremely be necessary and will only add positivity and awakening in my life. I am on my way to being the person that I am suppose to be, and doing the things i am suppose to do, and having the things that i am suppose to have, for it is my birth-right. My life has shifted and my soul has been speaking to me, whispering sweet messages in my ear for a while now, and recently it started screaming. and I can no longer ignore it. I am not a person who works to pay bills on time, and I have been "trying" to be that person for a while. I am much more than that. "That person" does not make me happy, especially with my soul screaming at me, constantly reminding me of the joy that I'm suppose to have, the light that I'm suppose to be. I can go on and on, and I know that I am not being specific, but who ever is reading this should know that the struggle that i am goin through is about to get interesting...
I will close this entry with a message that I wrote on my mysace page... love and light to you all...


I have been getting messages from people who are going through a rough time in regards to the economy, and people asking if I could help out in any way. Families across the board are always in my prayers, and people who are going through a rough time are always in my prayers, ALWAYS. But my prayers mean nothing if you don't believe you'll over come this yourself. Now is the time to exercise your faith. Now is the time to believe like you have never believed before. Sometimes it takes rough times like this for you to demonstrate just how strong you are. I don't write these songs for nothin... If you knew me, you would know that I am the one who should be singing these songs... well, at least who should be singing them first. And now that I do, (more frequently then you know) I am stronger. I remember what cloth I'm cut from. I remember how strong i really am, and how strong I have always been.

SO I SAY TO YOU: BELIEVE. Believe you can make it through, it maybe be rough now, but thats ok, cuz its temporary, whats goin on now, is not your life. YOUR LIFE IS A LIFE FILLED WITH LOVE, PROSPERITY, JOY, ABUNDANCE, STRENGTH, POWER, AND LAUGHTER. and more accurately: your life is filled with WHAT YOU WANT TO FILL IT WITH...

so do yourself and favor and remember who you really are... and of course

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have to be better with this

This here blog thingy.

I had a show Feb 23rd at Shrine in Harlem, and if I might say so myself, it was magical. Yes, apparently I'm a magician. And luckily my mother was there to see it. We kinda pushed the whole night back just so she could be there... i know right, I'M BLESSED. She has never heard me sing live before so it became a big deal for me. She has been there for all of the dance recitals. She was there for opening night on Broadway. And is my biggest cheerleader/fan/supporter. I am very happy that she's happy, and I'm glad that I make her proud, so shout out to mothers.

I have lots of pictures and I have lots of things to say, but for whatever reason, i don't share as often as I probably need to, and thats about to STOP. This Blog will be an interesting one. I plan to include daily thoughts and daily imaginings. I'll be sure to tell you the difference. But the idea is to write about what I want, talk about what I want, and be about what I want until i get it. So i will act like i got it already, and i plan on being convincing enough to obtain it in real life. I need to write, I need to share. I need to testify and rejoice for the blessings of the past, present, and future. I love you all for listening...

I love you all... just because