Monday, July 25, 2011

"I WANT YOU TO WIN" ((((PUSH!!!))))

Sunny Winters - taken on the set of the "Transition Remix" Video

Best Thing about promoting this song/video is that I have 'mad' people telling me that they want me to win! :D Thank you, I could use your help though.

Its the 4th quarter, or maybe even overtime...

I am reaching out to you all to ask for your help. "
Love Letter..." was cleared for vh1 Soul!!! Jsun and I have discovered the video on a plethora of MTV world sites (mtv uk, brazil, africa, latin america, france, etc) and even the MTV site. I've been told by a few people that viacom will throw a video on their site to see if it generates buzz and perhaps would add it into rotation based on that. Though I have another video that I was thinking of releasing this week, its come to my attention that its probably not a good idea. I'd like to try my best at promoting the video on the viacom sites as opposed to youtube. I'd like to push "Love Letter..." even harder before releasing something new.

I don't create music to please MTV, but I'm not going to pretend that MTV or better yet, TV isn't a good look especially as an independent. I've placed the links on my fb page, twitter page and I've done an email blast. I'm asking for whatever promotion help you can offer as I am also promoting beautiful images of YOU. Please share the links below via fb, twitter, email blast, myspace (for those who still visit), google+, text message, bbm, IM, phone calls, :) ... please share this. It actually takes a lot for me to ask for help at times and I'm not the kind of artist who "spams". The goal has been to be intentional and it has worked in the past, but I can't do EVERYTHING by myself.

These are the links that I'd like to share... if you have friends in other countries hit me back with those countries and I will hit you with a "world" site. (below) MTV VH1

WORLD SITES!!! (do you have friends in other countries?)

Sunny Winters photography MTV Base (Africa) MTV UK MTV Brazil MTV Canada MTV New Zealand MTV Hive MTV Netherlands MTV Latin America VH1 Latin America Australia MTV Denmark MTV France VIVA TV

I thank you for taking the time to read this and for the energy that you are sending in this very moment. I remember what I was doing last year in July.... and it wasn't this.

Thank you again,

Nakia Henry