Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time Traveling 1/4/10 11:30pmish'

My friend "Steven" wanted to show me his new place. I have been neglecting to visit because I am really good friends with his ex and he is also in a transitional stage with her. I finally go and its a nice place, kind of reminds me of a basement apartment. He has a dog, and I am afraid of dogs (in "real" life and in this strange place), but in this strange place, the dog is a white girl. Her hair is pulled back in a high pony tail and it is reddish brown. She is very pail. She barks and makes her way toward me and is very excited. I jump and leave the room, and Steven tells me its ok. He explains that the dog is very friendly, and commands the dog to do this trick that he so proud of. She jumps up, really high. Almost to Stevens head. She jumps straight up and bends her legs when she is in the air. For whatever reason, this was amazing and magical. Steven gives me a tour of his home and I notice that his walls are like a royal blue... almost navy. There was grafitti or painting on the walls. It wasn't a solid color all the way through, but for the most part there are shades of blue and light brown, but mostly blue.

Steven and I decide to take a nap. He is at the head of his bed and I am at the foot of his bed. We go to sleep. I opened my eyes and noticing that we were in the same position but with our clothes off. We are no longer side by side, but on the same "line" where our legs were over lapping and out bottoms were touching slightly. Steven enjoyed this, while I just thought it was odd.

I closed my eyes and opened them again and I was in bed clothed again with his girlfriend "Lucy". Lucy was smiling in her sleep as if she was playfully pretending. She knew somehow that I was awake and she sat up and seemed excited about showing me the rest of the place. She showed me the kitchen where I remember staring at the refrigerator magnets for a very long time. She took my hand and wanted to introduce me to her family which also lived there. Lucy seemed very excited.

And then I woke up

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