Thursday, June 24, 2010


me and my mama at opening night 2006

Today I remember the importance of relationships. I use all of my relationships (familial/friends/romantic) to help define and create the highest idea I ever held of myself. If I find that a relationship no longer serves me, I make the necessary adjustments for my health, spirit, and sanity. Experiencing the ever-expansion of my Self is my intention.

How can you know yourself as tall without knowing short? How can you know yourself as kind unless you do someone a kindness? How can you know what it means to forgive unless someone spites you? What other ways can you experience these things if it weren't for relationships? (seriously).

I haven't brought up my album in a while (purposely), but I have an album entitled REMEMBER ME, and for the bonus track (title track), I did a piece inspired by a story by Neale Donald Walsch. read it
here. It changed my life, and its a short read...... and WE'RE BACK!

Since reading this story, I have looked at all of my relationships as such. Monsters and victims disappeared immediately. An immense amount of gratitude came over me as I saw all the "bad" guys in my relationship defining who I am today, and what I REALLY WANT. Even the relationships I have with my family lead me to be conscious of the places in my life where I am governed by love or fear. I don't know how I would have known this without them. I was OPEN after reading that story. We live in the world of relativity. And I love it. I know that I am choosing it all, and I have certainly called forth the opposite so that I may no myself as mySelf.

Now I no longer need to call forth the opposite, for I have enough experience to know who I truly am. But I must REMEMBER it. Yet we are creators, creating our experiences, situations, and our lives. Relationships enable me to create my circumstances, and myself actively. And when the relationship doesn't serve me, I make the necessary adjustment of either by reworking it in my mind to make sense, offer suggestions that both parties could take part in, or leave. Either way, I have a choice in the matter. I HAVE to choose. And as long as I’m choosing, I am creating. I am authoring my experience, my life.

and as long as I am working on me, I know that I am attracting someone who is doing the same. That way, we can work on ourselves individually and naturally (and actively) contribute to each-others well being… (to be continue as relationship “talk” will never be complete).

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