Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been said that it takes 21 days to either add a habit or to break habit in your life. I have heard this from a number of sources. I have also found some extraordinary energy around the number 21. See below:

3: Three is the number of the triad, of the unit formed by duality (2) and its offspring (1), of the three faces of the goddess (virgin, mother, and crone), of the creation that is made possible by joining forces with another, the tripartite genitalia of the male and the genital triangle of the female.

Number of the perfection by excellence, 3 x 7, according to the Bible.

Represent the harmony of the creation.

Number representing the union of Trinity, whose result of their common action makes emerge the creation. (above 3 from )

There are 21 amino-acids.

Esu represents perspective, opening of doors to opportunity, crossroads, choosing a path, and I believe 21 is one of his numbers..

( go ahead count the starts )

Today, I started a 21 day, detox of the mind (if you will). It’s a fast, a journey, a transformation. Earlier this year, I mentioned that “practice” would be the word for the year. And so far it has proven to be a task, only because I have neglected to take it seriously. Though I have been finding time to practice my craft, and learning the bass guitar, I have not developed a consistent practice in reconnecting and realigning to Spirit. I have beaten myself about it long enough and now realize that when I do abuse my self, no matter how big or small the reason may be, I INVITE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME- whether I attract the people who always seem to find something negative to say about themselves, I attract the friends who always seem to have a “harsh” critique of me, and/or change the behaviors of my closest friends around me- the friends who usually have something positive to say now have found a way to pressure me and get on my damn nerves…

“You bring out the best in others when you practice the best in yourself”

So yeah… I know full well how I got to this place. It’s time I leave and I am grateful to have a treasure map to follow. I am grateful to remember who I am in this moment. I am grateful to know that I have a choice in everything I do and in everything I feel.

Its Day 1 of my “21 days of RE covery, RE calling, RE aligning, RE centering, RE MEMBERING all of the intricate beautiful pieces of me is today”. I meditated 5 times today, (7,11,3,7, and right before bed- ideally 11, but I may go earlier than that). At those times, through out the day, I will either pray, meditate, or say some affirmations over and over again. I will blog about it as well. I’m still adding to the program and am taking any suggestions. I will practice for 21 days and will soon incorporate it into my life.

Today I remembered that Love is all there is.

I love you.


Quiet Storm said...

this is awesome....its two in the morning and reading your facebook page and blog, I am just inspired in a way that I haven't been in a long time..I think this may be just what I need to pull myself out of this depression I have been spiraling into and pull myself back in alignment with my life purpose.

Nakia Henry said...

I am happy to inspire, my love... let's grow together