Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I remembered that my thought is creative. I feel really good. As I said earlier, I'm still adding to the program and I think I will add some dance time. I think I wanna create time to bug out in my place. I feel REALLY good when do this. Today, I came home and cooked and did this incense dance with Frank-incense all around my apartment. I've been told that burning frankincense has the same effect as burning sage as far as clearing unwanted energy. I just like the way it smells and it felt good dancing with it around my place.

Back to remembering... Today I recalled the creative process, the triune nature of it, (conscious thought/seed - subjective mind/soil - manifestation/form). This is God, and I am one in and of it, meaning when I have a thought it is projected outward into the ether and produces form. Every thought is a prayer and with enough attention to it, produces form. Today I remembered to pay close attention to what I was thinking and how I see my life. I was very conscious of the energy I released.

In the past I was known for "practicing" a thought of insecurity, lack, fear, worry, concern...etc. And though I am making the necessary changes now and am very aware of it, the goal is to make the "New Thought" a habit. It will become natural for me to rework things in my head so that feel better about them. I will use the creative process and I won't let it use me...

My thoughts are conscious and not sub/unconscious. My thought behind my thought (sponsoring thought) is full of love, expansion, more than enough ness, joy, abundance, ease, excitement, passion, and smiles).

I am making the effort to be in constant prayer...


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