Thursday, June 17, 2010


Energy. I remembered energy. I actually had “the law of circulation” in mind but I Energy came up first during my 2nd meditation. And I think it’s better to speak about it before the law of circulation because “stuff” is usually thought of when throw in terms and phrases like “Karma”, “What Goes Around Comes Back Around”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “Give and you shall receive”. There is a lot of “action” implied in all of that, but not much is discussed about energy, so I’m grateful for that inspiration to come through as clear as it did. I’m finding all of this consistent meditation is quieting my chatty mind, but it’s a journey, a process.

Today I was very conscious of the energy I contributed. I paid a bill today and was not all that happy about it. I could feel myself getting discouraged about my financial situation. I felt like I was lacking everything I “needed” and that I would never make it above water. I brought that energy to my 11am meditation, and sat with it for a minute. And then I remembered a talk from Creative Light Spiritual Center entitled “Money is Love”. (Now, it could have been the talk, or it could have been God, but what’s the difference if God is all there it is.)

I was reminded about energy- that everything is energy, even money. And if I want anything to change about my relationship with money then I need to remember again and again that money is Love. The energy I put behind it must be balanced and clear as well. I cannot feel bad about giving money, loaning it, paying a bill, giving to the homeless. If I feel bad when I’m giving, I am giving the receiver my “bad”. That may be hard to hear as some would like to believe that if I am giving money to anyone then I would get it back somehow, cuz I gave it. But on the contrary, if while if I am giving and I am coming from a thought of lack, or not enoughness, (I’m giving to get = I never had it in the 1st place…this bill is always so high when I pay it= I never have enough for it… I loaned you my last= and I’m not gonna get more)… yeah, all of THAT, if I am giving money and I’m putting all that energy behind it, then I cannot be surprised when I get it RIGHT BACK. Ain’t no million dollar check comin from THAT!!!!

Today I was very conscious of the energy I contributed. I am always looking to contribute, love, abundance, prosperity, healing, wholeness, togetherness, and ease to my life, to wherever I am and to anyone I encounter.


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