Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I remember that if Love is all there is, then that includes me too. I am one in the Divine Presence of Love/God/Goddess/Universe/Source Energy/Joy/Abundance/Prosperity/Well Being--- LOVE.

I found a quiet spot at my job for my reconnect time. Yesterday, (day one) I tried reconnecting in a bathroom stall but I'm sure you can imagine how that turned out... I am finding it to be a bit easier though and I am also noticing my looking forward to it (7,11,3,7,11)... Today I missed one because of a recording session but I made up for it while on my train ride home. I was sitting next to a friend and told him that I needed to take a moment for some deep breaths and was surprised in the end when I saw him doing the same. We meditated together. I was grateful for that.

Today I started my morning by saying over and over again: I am made of love. I am made of light. I said it for about 45 minutes. It was great for reprogramming my "computer" because I heard it often while at work.

The challenge that I am having is journalling/blogging about it. Currently it is 1:20am and I am UP! It was a long day and I am very tired, but am committed to this process. So even if its a journal entry just to check in on how I'm feeling, I must do it. I am making a bigger effort to pay attention to my emotions, when I'm feeling less than good and when I'm feeling good. It matters more (now than ever), how I feel.

I feel really good, and I know I'm doing a great job.

I am love and I love you dearly for checking on me, (seriously).


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