Friday, June 18, 2010


Today I said thank you, ALL Day. I am remembering Gratitude, and relearning how to think independently of any situation. Today I am winning in the most beautiful ways and I am so grateful. I am grateful for ALL Things no matter how they appear in this moment. I know that it is all in Divine Order for me to REAL-IZE my power. And I know that it is all God (typo, but I'm keepin it)...

Soooooooo, something happened yesterday that under normal circumstances, I would have fell to pieces. But because I'm leaving normal and headed toward exceptional (because I've been practicing feeling good), it didn't bother me as much. A bright light went off and it was what I needed. Though it hurt me, the hurt did not last long because all week I've been walking in love and knowing that everything is unfolding as it should. I needed to see and hear it the way that I did. And all day today, I kept saying thank you. I walked taller than I ever walked before today. I'm loving this whole "think independently of the situation" thing. I did a great job and no one will get in the way of me getting ME out of the way for spirit to flow freely.

My ego was so quiet and non-existent today. It stayed in its box and did not interrupt my love walk. I allowed the outer circumstances to be. I did not try to change it and sparked such a strong force of compassion and it was so easy to let go of what I've been holding so closely to me for 4 years (by force [ego]).

Meditation has helped me tremendously this week. I think next week (monday), I will incorporate some affirmations.

I'm alive and choosing well, and I am grateful to know these truths.



DonnyElle said...

i needed this. very encouraging to hear that you are working through a theme you've been challenged with for four years. i say "encouraging" because it's not that misery loves company, but good to know that another has overcome a situation that has persisted for almost as long as the one i struggle with. suddenly, it's not such a struggle. i will look at it as you did. i will walk in love and remain grateful with no energy toward outside things. thank you!

Nakia Henry said...

Thank you, love... I see you