Saturday, June 26, 2010

day 10 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

Marvin Gaye Tribute- I sang Flyin High in a Friendly Sky... Katie Piper caught me takin off

Day 10 of my 21 detox of the mind: I remember that "the basis of my life is Freedom; the purpose of my life is JOY" (Abraham-Hicks) -marinate on that, while I have my naked-dancing-without-curtains time... I feel great

Be Do Have

There are some people who have it backwards. I was definitely one of them. I thought if I had the things I wanted, I can do what I wanted and then be happy- If I had a million dollars, I could feel free to travel the world, and then I’d be happy. And we all know (or you at least know me to believe) that thought is creative. And a thought like that keeps you waiting and certainly UNhappy. Waiting to be happy, waiting to do what you really want to do. But if I reverse it I can experience what I intend at a much rapid pace, pretty much immediately considering there’s no time in the Divine.

I can BE peace. From this being-ness I DO what’s natural for me and what brings me more peace. By default I am attracting who I am. I HAVE more of the energy that I project. I HAVE everything I need and more, because I am my source. I am peace, (an aspect of the Divine)

I can BE happy. From this state of being, I DO what comes natural for me. I DO what happy does. I HAVE everything I need and more. By default I am calling forth things and circumstances that are of a like essence.

I can BE free. I am FREE. I DO free (rather well). I HAVE FREEDOM. I attract those who are free, who either know it, or need a reminder.

I can go straight to BE and not wait to experience all that comes next. At the end of the day, I believe that’s what we all want. When we fuss over money or the lack there of, its usually: a million dollar check would clear up my debt and I could pay my bills, do what I want, and feel free, feel less like I owe anyone, feel no fear, doubt, worry, or concern. Be real with yourself. If someone gave you that check right now, you wouldn’t dare sit pretty on it, and do nothing, and feel like you got what you really wanted. What you really wanted was freedom, peace, happiness, joy, love, worth, or worthiness, strength, abundance, prosperity, grounded-ness, holy, fulfilled, LOVED. BUT YOU ARE THOSE THINGS (my bad… too pushy/preachy/shouldy. You will have to decide that on your own, but I will always remind you). now where was I….. BUT I AM THOSE THINGS ALREADY! All of this is an aspect of the Divine, and if God is all there is, then that means me too. I can know that now and experience those things RIGHT NOW, this instant.

I am strengthening my knowing. Though it started with faith, I wouldn’t call it faith today. Faith leads into believing. Believing leads to knowing.

My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. M knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is strong. My knowing is STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG. MY KNOWING IS STRONG.

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