Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 13 and 14 (weekend) of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

From a church in Harlem... why?

Day 13 and 14 (weekend) I'm looking deeply at allowing vs tolerating-- observing vs judging... I'm ready to talk about it, I'm here for my growth, I'll assume you are too.

As I am connecting to my guidance system more and more I find myself wanted to shut my mouth. Not because I have nothing to say, but more because I know that my thought and my word (together) create on a certain level. I ask myself on a regular basis, "who am I in this moment? what role am I playing? what would I like to experience in this moment? what am I creating? what am I contributing?" Its another Virgo trait I think. I have been told that virgos don't do alot of debating and in most cases they refuse. Mainly because we'd rather be a fly in the wall and learn from whats happening. And if we do find ourselves being active in a debate, we go for blood. 2 extremes, and are somewhat true with me. But lately, I am silent because I am continuously checking in to what I know the big picture is. If I say anything I must remind myself and the reader that this view supports who I am and where I see myself. It supports my highest good; this is what I know from my experience; these are my truths; this is serving me.

No where in there does it say: this is 'right' or 'the only way' and you are 'wrong' if you don't agree. (judgment)

When I am speaking to others who say that they want a thing, or experience something specific in mind, yet they do the complete opposite; if we are having a discussion about it and they want my feedback or ask for help, my wanting is for them for them be their own guidance. My words would be something like, "you are always talking about going to the right and how great right is and how you'd love to experience it, but all the while you are not looking to the right. You have been gazing at left for a while, and have even ventured in the upward direction. Now I don't know if you've changed your mind along the way, but I believe you have a good idea about which way is right", followed by encouragements.

Now that's a tricky example but take directions out and insert anything, colors, numbers, you get my point. What I am pointing out is the main difference between making judgments and making observations- describing what simply is without labeling it god or bad. Once I put it into these terms, I can see if a thing contributes to my well being and if it does not then it simply isn't for me. If I've gone left, then I just simply choose again and make the necessary adjustments. But I won't call left bad, because that way may work for someone else and if God is all there is then who's "bad"?

I am learning the difference between allowing and toleration. I am who I am though I am always changing, evolving... I am happy with whom I become. And though another may be different from me, it is still good. It is still a blessing. Though I know myself to be freer then before I knew these truths, I would encourage everyone who is happy with their path, to stay on it. Love is so full and big that it is unnecessary to think that there is only one road to it. Plus a world of conformity and sameness, lessens creativity and I would never do that, nor could I succeed if I wanted to.

I'm finding that allowing is very different from tolerating because when I tolerate something, I let it be but I am not happy about it, and therefore binding myself with negativity. We all know enough about energy and circulation. It does me no good to not like something and do nothing about it, other then.... not like it. I see others in their religion sometimes and I wonder what's in it for them to try to get another to cross over to their ways. It must be the dominion god that some people serve. But I bless those people as well, for a candle lit in the sun cannot be seen.

So yeah, I am kinda quiet lately... I desire peace in all of my dealings, and I must know that everybody knows whats best for their highest good. And whatever suffering we are going through is temporary.

I'm learning to speak, think, believe and know a new language. I hope I am communicating effectively.

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