Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 12 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

Day 12 of my 21 day MIND detox-- I am detoxing my home. clearing the clutter, making room for new thought, new love, new movement, new way, new life... I'm releasing what doesn't serve me... lovely. Its time to burn some sage

Today, I stayed home from the 9 to 5 hustle. I matter more (always). I needed a personal day, a deeply rooted personal day and I did a lot of nothing, which is what I really needed. I spent 3 hours playing with my bass, Rooty, and I cleaned. I will be cleaning for a while but I started today. I have been doing a lot of cleansing in the mind so it’s only natural that I see things outside myself that need cleansed as well. (I think the next detox I do will be with food, for a week though cuz I’m a skinny minny.)

Last weekend, Baba gave me some sage to burn and commented on how clear the energy was in my apartment. Baba is the elder that referred to me as his God-Daughter. I was happy he felt that way because he was extremely helpful to me when I went to him after the robbery. So him saying that really meant a lot. He said it seemed balanced, and clear and light. That also lets me know that when I feel exhausted, unproductive, tired, and uninspired when I come home sometimes, it has more to do with ME and my energy then it does with the apartment. Everything I need is inside of me. I have everything I need and more.

I burn frankincense and sage on a regular basis and today was definitely the day to double up. I am embracing so much newness and abundance and I am expecting so much more, yet I have not made many aspects of my life welcome just yet. I am making my mind, brain, spirit ready, yet I don’t want to “live” there. The idea is for both the mind to be open and the feet to be grounded, where ever I am. There are things in my outer reality that are shifting significantly.

I remember once in my foundations class we were discussing prayer and our power and intention. The instructor mentioned something like “we are not making anything ‘happen’; we are not asking for something to ‘happen”. We are making it ‘welcome’. Well being is flowing to us always. Abundance is all around us. We see it naturally when we look at nature- can you count grains of sand, leaves on a tree, waves in an ocean? No, it is never-ending. There is an infinite flow of goodness always flowing to us, yet WE tend to get in the way. And by we, I mean me (or whoever will ponder this), and who I really mean is EGO, (Edging God Out).

My ego blocks the divine stream of pure energy. Anytime I feel alone, or like I need to do something by myself and that I HAS to be this way only, not only am I moving from my ego, I am setting myself up for destruction because those actions/thoughts/feelings lead me to grow attached to a specific outcome and when that outcome doesn’t come, pain shows up gladly.

No, I am never alone and I have a permanent partnership with the Divine, which include other people. I embrace it all. And in embracing it all, I must release what does not serve me to make room. I have been doing a great job with this detox and it has opened my eyes and now I see what’s in my home that does not contribute to my peace. And I’ve been looking at it everyday…

So I am cleaning house, in more ways then one.

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