Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Letters 2 (Prayer)

I stand here knowing that God is all there is. God is love. God is all of love. Source Energy is abundance, lavish abundance.

I am one in the abundance that is God. I see God inside of me and in everyone, all around me within the many trees in nature and within the many buildings the city. I see it all. Evidence of more-than-enough-ness is found in me. God is I am.

Money flows to me as God does... and I am open to receive it all. Money is an energy. Money is love. Money is mine and I give it freely. Money flows to me freely and I share everything generously. I know the truth of me and I am a money MAGNET! My connection with the ALL ABUNDANT is powerful therefore I am abundant in the Divine. I am God made manifest and I have a lot to give. The world loves everything that I have to offer and wants more of it and I am so happy to oblige.

I am grateful to share love, grateful to share ENERGY. I am eager to give for when I give I am an active participant in the flow. I am grateful for the expansion. I am grateful to speak this word and to the know the truth of WHO I AM.

I let go of this prayer knowing that there is more expansion to come. I release this prayer with love and assurance. Divine is moving now and I open with excitement. I release this prayer in to the law of circulation saying and so it is... Ase

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