Thursday, July 1, 2010

day 15 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

yep thats me, shot by Saddi Khali who has done most of the photography on this blog, credit him and peep his work here.

Day 15 of my 21 day cleansing/detoxification of the mind. This last week will be focused on my biggest battle to date and that's LETTING GO! I acknowledge that in the past it has been very hard for me to do, but I'm not fighting anymore battles. I will choose PEACE every time. Please send energy and leave some affirmations.... I read them. I use them. I remember them. I AM them.

I remember a talk I had with my dad about fighting battles or addictions or letting what used to get to you, continue to get to you. In the beginning I likened it to a full grown fight turning into toddlers fighting, meaning when ever you feel you are confronted with “that thing” that got to you at the time of your life when you were living unconscious, it won’t be an issue in your current evolved state. He mentioned that there would always be a battle but I said that the battle would be minimal and not life shattering as it once was. I said it would be breaking up a fight between two 3 year olds as opposed to 2 men his age. Basically that the battle would get easier.

But since then, I have been introduced to a new perspective, by a close friend of mine you is very serious about living his life comfortably between pleasure and PEACE. I explained to him the conversation between my father and I, and he asked me: is it a battle if you are choosing ‘peace’. (I know what you’re thinking… and yes, I have some brilliant friends, duuuhhh they are a reflection of me, :)silly). Perhaps it was a clever play on words at the time but I understood completely and brought it back to my dad and he told me he had to “get back to me on that.”

It doesn’t have to be “to drink or not to drink” or “to over-analyze or not to over-analyze”… If my thought is creative, then what’s being heard by the universe is “drink” or “over-analyze”. When I am doing the “this or that” dance what I am REALLY doing is stressing. It’s like when a meditation leader tells you to “not think” of something. That’s almost impossible. It’s much easier to think of “something else”. That “something else” for me will be (is) PEACE. When I choose peace first, I am choosing God first and when I choose God first, I am putting my Self first. The other stuff is just stuff, (energy that doesn’t really serve my well being), so why give it a first a second thought at all.

I am practicing choosing to Be love, peace, joy, abundance, awesomeness, whole, perfect health, the perfect partner, creative being, performance artist, and so much more of what consists of God Consciousness. When I place my energy and focus on these aspects, the other “stuff” falls away. I release it all. I release what ever must fall away and I release the newness that I am embracing, knowing that I am in the flow.

I release and let go of any thought that doesn’t speak to who I REALLY am.

No more supporting the illusion.

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