Monday, July 5, 2010

day 21 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

light painting with Saddi Khali

Day 21 of my 21 day detox of the mind, July 4th I celebrate 'thinking independently of any situation' day. I celebrate being awake and choosing consciously. I celebrate inner peace. I celebrate Spirit... Thank you for witnessing me creating a habit. And the spiritual practice continues...

This 21 Day detox was designed to create a healthy habit. It is a process. A reminder to reconnect. A reminder to realign to who I really am. Life will not stop happening, but how I deal and how I'm affected will be in my control. I am choosing it all. I am choosing to be down, up, left, right, sad, happy, defeated, success, bored, creative... all of it. No one is "making me feel" anything.

I don't want to be the effect anymore. I want to be the cause of my pleasurable experience. When I am the cause, then others will know and want to contribute. I will not make them the source (anymore). They will know how to treat me, because I know how to treat me. And the opposite is true as well. If someone is bothering me, or I feel like I'm being abused, then they are learning from the best abuser (me). I'm blessing it and stepping away.

I feel really good.

I have found away to soothe myself whenever I am in a situation where in the past, I was ready to fall to pieces. I fell to pieces before this detox and today I re-membered me. I re-membered the laughter and the determination that I am. I re-membered the been hurt and been fixed that I am. I re-membered the all of the Divine aspects that I am. I re-membered all of the pieces. The many members of me looked at each other and recalled how beautiful and strong I am. They looked at each other and saw wisdom. They saw all knowing. They saw the all of them and felt whole. The members of me celebrated their (w)holiness when I put them together again. I know how to reconnect. I know how to soothe me. I am open to more methods but I can stand firm on mine.

I look forward to life now. I look forward to winning this games. I am grateful to know the rules. I am grateful to know that no matter how bad things were, that I didn't die and I'm still here. I am grateful to go on, with enthusiasm. I am grateful to know that I live within abundance, which means, I don't have to settle for SHIT. I don't have to wait for someone else to change their mind so that I can be happy. I am grateful to know that I have everything and more inside of me, including my happiness. My happiness comes from me, through me. Outside sources contribute, but they are NOT the source. I am married to my inner-being and though it is an open relationship, I must commit to her first.

I am grateful to share these truths, for I know when I share with you, I am sharing with me. We are one. My hope for this series aside from my transformation, is that you can somehow believe that they too, have EVERYTHING AND MORE INSIDE OF YOU. That you are pulling your own strings all ways.

Remember how beautiful you are. Remember how strong you are. Remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Remember we are one. and when you remember you, you will have also remembered me.

Remember Me


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