Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have a song that I'd like to share for free. I would include it on my next album but I want to share the single for FREE! Help me get Erykah Badu's attention. She's @fatbellybella and I am @afromanticnakia I would love for her to here what I've done to her sample.

HELP ME SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL!!!! (the legit way)


LADY ELIX said...

have you tried her label - freakquency Records/Motown? Why not get in touch with Supa Nova Slom, he knows her personal. He's based in BK, you can google his site. He has a health book - The Remedy, where she wrote a quote.


Lady Elix

Nakia Henry said...

Thanks love,

I will try that, Queen Afua is in my neighborhood :)