Sunday, July 25, 2010

Transition (lyrics)

Don't know if its the Virgo in me, Or the way that I was raised to be
That keeps me constantly stressin, And missing all the great things
in this life, its passing me by

So I've been tryin to find things that ground me, Show compassion to my friends and family
Learning how to love without condition, but I forget to love me
So easily, is it how I choose to be

Well, I've decided...
That I forgive me
Its my decision, and I've decided
to Live my life and not let life live me
I forgive me

Back straight, head up, don't look down now, show my beautiful face
I'm fine, it's cool, I just fell down, but down
I won't stay, I refuse to stay

My past is a piece of me, Don't want to be the girl I used to be
I think its time I leave her be, she wasn't serving me
So I release thee, lovingly

And I decided...
I've gotta leave, I love you girl but I've gotta leave
And I've decided, I love you little girl...
but there's a beautiful Woman, waiting for me (waiting to be me)

Deep inside I hear a voice say...
(I hear it, and it telling me I love you, and today I'm saying, "I love you too" [from album version]))

Today I'm focused on the love within me, and all the gifts I have to give
Today I hear the God within me, and I choose to live and I've decided to live

So I'm gonna live...



ProudFlower Productions said...

ah lordess! it must be the Virgo... i am blessed/afflicted with the same sign. we sure know how to get in our own way dont we ;-)

Nakia Henry said...

ahhh yes... but fortunate for us as well, we are able to grow beyond what the sign says. we are no limited to any description as long as we live our lives intentionally. It's only when I loose site of who I REALLY am, that I forget my power, wonder, and beauty within.

... we will win

ProudFlower Productions said...

true dat! thats when i KNOW what a blessing it is to be every bit of who i am... flaws and all. and there's POWER in that, frightening, humbling, magic LOVE POWER YES MA'AM!

but beautiful said...

beautiful picture, beautiful words..

Nakia Henry said...

Thank you again, But Beautiful! I hope you were able to hear the song as well.

Quiet Storm said...

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL! Spirit..I thank you immensely for being thoughtful and generous enough to post your lyrics for those of us who are hearing impaired this enables me to fully embrace your artform beyond the music..again thank you.