Thursday, July 1, 2010

day 18 of 21 DAY DETOX OF THE MIND

Day 18 of my 21 day mind detox was another quiet day, my chatter was workin overtime and needed some soothing. My mind chatter was beggin for a backrub today, and my heart obliged. I still have a lot to let go, and am making this more about the process and less about the destination. Its Growth. I'm honored to share it.

I turned within a lot today, because I could still feel "hurt" lurking around the corner. Awareness tells me that when I feel this, I am actually misunderstanding or misusing the tools for empowerment. I have truly forgotten the rules of the game.

I know better. So instead of focusing on it, I try to remember, and remember again. reconnect. choose peace. choose peace. choose peace.

I remind myself that even this, God can handle, so that means I can handle it too. There is truly apart of me that is isn't harmed at all. The more attention I give that part, the more that part will be the dominant characteristic. I won't choose "not to be affected". I will again and again choose whatever I want to grow in my life.

Over and Over again, I asked myself today: who am I in relation to this? State the facts Nakia. What is your observation? Who are you in this story? What can you create in this moment? Who would you like to be?

I deserve all that is good. I release any need for misery and suffering.
I release the need to prove myself to anyone as I am my own self and I love it that way.
I am solution minded. Any problem that comes up in life is solvable.
I am never alone. The universe supports me and is with me at every step.
My mind is filled only with loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts which ultimately are converted into my life experiences.
I consciously release the past and live only in the present. That way I get to enjoy and experience life to the full.
I love myself in totality and I radiate energy.
In life I always get what I give out and I always give out love.
I live in the now and design my future. The past has no effect on my present.
I am forgiving, loving, gentle and kind and am safe in the knowledge that life loves me.

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BECAUSE I honor God in me I see God all around me, excited and willing to contribute to peace, our peace.

I choose to be love in everything I do.

another by Saddi Khali

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