Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've been...

Meditating at dusk lately. I tried dawn this morning but missed the break. I still have some residual "hurt" but I soothe myself on a regular basis. I honor it, because I know before letting it go of a thing, I must see it and hold it first. I won't ignore it.

But what I know is that while I was stressing a few weeks ago, I was the only one, meaning no one was doing the same for me. No one shed a tear for me.

I know my worth today. I don't want anyone crying or dying for me and I will think twice before I find myself in a similar situation because I know the other doesn't want me down either. I know that when I focus on my hurt, the hurt grows and becomes my reality. It becomes less temporary.

Though I still have some residual hurt to let go of, I feel so much better and am learning to appreciate the contrast. Blessing it. I now know and have a better understanding of what I DO NOT want. Now is the best time create and experience whats actually true.

My next album will be fukkin amazing lol...

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