Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Keeps Me Going Part 1

"Ya know, I get these friend requests all the time form musical artists like yourself, and I have liked none. Yet, you send me a request and I actually want to hear more. You are what I call true talent. My family loves music, and I have always grown up listening to all types of music. My mother, who was a violinist, taught me how to listen to peoples voices and know how to tell if the person I am listening to is really good. The true test comes when someone is on stage. She would say that if a person sounds just as good or even better than their album while on stage, then that is what you call true talent. Today, we don't have much of that. I am young and I grew up with the Hip-Hop culture (which I love and adore) and it seems like the "true talent" has dwindled away (as far as the R artists go). I know that the music industry is more so focused on looks and not so much talent because the studio can make you sound good and then they can make you over to look gorgeous.

You are different. You are part of that new sound that I am very fond of. You are like Jill Scott, India Irie, and Erica Badou. You are beautiful like a true Black Woman. You sound beautiful. You are what I call "true talent. " I know I will see you some day on Oprah like Jill, India, and Erica. I think you definitely have what it takes to make it in this industry."

"Please...Please...Please tell your manager you need to be promoted more. I let my mother and my uncle listen to you. They adore you. Although, listening to you made my uncle a little angry. See my uncle was an Italian pastry chef in NY. He used to always tell me about all of the talent that he has seen in the city, but never make it because the industry is so messed up and fake. He is a true Jazz fan. Ya know, he loves all of the greats like Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc., so he is really picky about the music he listens to. He said you should be promoted more and you should have already made it big (he said it with a little anger in his voice). I agreed. I guess that he gets tired of what he says is “crap” on the radio stations (LOL). With that said, when are you going to advertise purchasing your CD’s on your page? Hopefully it will be soon! Just shoot me a message to let me know when it happens."

" I cannot stop listenin to Smile. It's gumbo, greens and cornbread, and banana pudding. That's what it reminds me of. I had to call my mom to listen to it. I adore "Silly Girl". Simpy put, I love it all."

Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much your song *Smile* touched my heart.
I'm in my 4th battle with Hodgkin's and the bonus of having Kidney Cancer as a secondary cancer. I was hoping you would allow me the privilege of using your song SMILE on my cancer blog"

I'm from New Orleans. Smile definitely reminds me of being home on the bayou. You took me home today girl. All of the songs are beautiful. We must talk!
Abundant blessings"

"i am feeling the song "silly girl" the beat and words ... gurl you are are the one!"

"Thanks Nakia,
Your songs of inspiration touch my heart. I have much to be grateful for, more than alright. Keep on singin beautiful music. It matters much."

:O that's what i did when i heard your sound, your song, your soul. thank you for your wonderful petition for an addition that gaurantees to perfect the mission. lol love luv & mo lub. -_-"

I just wanted to say your music is soo beautiful.. i actually had a ms.badu song on my profile but i love "smile" soo i had too add that..sooo mad love coming from my way and i hope u make it to the top.. its time for a change in what we are feeding our ears! Get back at me sometime, i love picking the brain of the creative!"

Nakia Henry,I've read your past blogs and relistened to your songs, there is so much openness to you that comes out in song,you will not be unsigned for very long my friend"

Usually when I am up late doing my homework, I often have the music that I listen to…you know how it is when you sometimes want to hear your particular artists for inspiration or just to let loose. Tonight…I just had to stop by your page and listen to your song, “Heaven” and “Smile.” So I just wanted to thank you for those two songs tonight because they helped me to understand why I keep climbing this latter pushing to get my degree. God has blessed you, Nakia Henry!"

i am feeln yo songs / lovn yo soun / reminiscent of an earlier style w/ a new spin / i am diggn yo voice / soulful rasp / what a relief to hear you / in the midts of all the glits of the sound of today / all the best in everything you do / keep doin yo thang ma / thanks for the add much appreciated/ stay good stay beutiful stay original stay you stay blessed/ oh my Danm folks shes got it !pc"

"awesome! were can i buy?"

"It's great to see you doing what you said you was going to do,not many people take action that fast:)"

"Wow is all i can say. if i say I love your music i would seem like a giddy fan, If i say your beautiful i would seem like a lovesick puppy. Ms. Nakia Henry, you are downright amazing!"

"Wonderful Music!!! But I have to say you have some of the sexiest pictures I've seen on my space.I cant believe I saw you everyday with Hott Feet and didnt notice how sexy are.Black Women are amazing"

"sis, your sound is one that i like. i need a cd to rock in my house and my car!!!! many blessings your way sis! "

"smile is simply beautiful! It sparked some creative ideas, would love to add music to that when time allows. I hear a crazy soulful house joint with the vocals echoing strongly through the speakers."

"Wow, you music is wonderful. I love it and I feel so free when I hear it.
Thank you. "

"Your music and pictures moved me. I am NOT mad at you. Yes, you were so captured in those photos. Great job for you and Khalil.. sorry if I'm wrong-LOL."

"I feel your songs. Saddi played most of them for me if your ever in Atl. look me up Im working on the 3rd album right now and I think the music we do will work together. Keep Making Meaningful Music.
Fight For Us !! "

"I heard the first joint on ya playlist, i'm about to hit accept on the add request, but i gotta tell you i'm feeling the joint, the song andyour music make sense (to me that means is relevant to the times)."

"your music and your smile is locked in a battle for my soul......... "

I can say from hearing a small piece of ur music and scimming the page it does sound like (i believe u said) music in the field. Ur muisc will and can be featured in history books. When I first heard it I thought of slave music and thats not a bad thing, the music sounds relaxing and your music is unique for this time around.
Read more write later! "

"Your music had made me take a gasp for air... It hit me in a way that has allowed me to realize once again that I am not alone. Your passion is so strong with every wail and movement of your voice words could not express those moments or parts u placed melodies to evoke a certain emotion.. Nakia thank you for your music and wanted to write you personally."

"doll, you know i fell in love with your music from the get-go. people who attended that show emailed me for days on end asking about your myspace and where they could buy your music. Rarely have i seen any act leave such a mark on an audience. Youve got a very strong prescence about you that makes your extraordinary music that much more solid."

.... I see them, I read them, and I am so grateful for them, I don't take the messages for granted...


The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

I, too am a fan....

BlackButterfly said...

You are a beast on the mic, keep up the good work Nakia, love the sound sis...

Anonymous said...

wow, Nakia, a true artist is one whose gifts touch others in such profound ways. Congratulations on your new blog!