Monday, November 3, 2008

remember me

I have always been here, though you don't remember my name
we have been the all of it and we've played many of games
we started out as one, in the beginning it was just we
but the knowing of we was not enough, our souls wished to be
I wanted to experience me, I wanted to shine bright
but just as you can't see a candle lit in the sun, its hard to shine when there is only light
searched in my minds eye for the perfect solution
knowing that whatever I created was only an illusion
then you stepped forward, out of the light you came
volunteering to be dim, just so I could know my name
thus our first game began, though i always new the truth
that you and i are both the light, you showed me, me... I showed you, you
so I'll remember, I'll remember you
look at me and remember
see that I am here once again to show you, you
and when you wanted to know what it was like to be creative
i was the one who took all you had and told you to make a way
and in the worst conditions, you were happy
created heaven and made your way
and when i wanted to know what it was like to be forgiving
you came along to hurt me, you came along to play
I called you a monster, said you were evil
pretended so hard, I almost forgot your name
but I remembered
I remember you name
please remember, please look at me and do the same
You can fly away, be the lily in the valley,
you gotta remember that its ok to be silly
its in your nature to be beautiful music
cuz you live in heaven and we're afromantic
lord have mercy on the ones who forget
but you gotta keep on smiling, decide to remind them
you can be the light, you can be the light, you can be the light, you can be the LIGHT
please remember, remember you really are
please remember, remember who i really am

...don't wanna get lost and go on forgetting, please remember me

by nakia henry (c) 2008

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