Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love Letter (part3 i think)

The Back Cover of My CD by Huntli Images

Dear Nakia,

If there is no ending and this is all a cycle… if you are truly evolving, if there is no destination, just different parts of your cycle, then what is happening in your life right now is only preparing you for the next part of your cycle. You are learning what it is to be balanced. Before you had a very narrow idea of “joy”… of “up” yet you are always moving up and it is really “All Joy” as you sang it. At times you feel like something is ending and that you should mourn. Though I will never tell you how to feel, (I’ve learned that the hard way), I will suggest that you not forget to celebrate.

Just as if a loved one has “passed away,” you are very well aware that they have only made their transition and their life has gone to the next part of their cycle. By no means am I saying that it isn’t sad, for you’ve created such a bond with them. Yet there is still a place to smile. Their life is going to continue, probably not as you know it, but they will continue on. And it is the same for you, Nakia. Your life, your cycle will continue, from this moment. Probably not as you know it, yet it will. Welcome your next part. You have authored an extraordinary book, yet keep writing.

_____ was a chapter. Probably a very important chapter, yet _____ is not the book.

Take as much time as you need. I have a feeling that these words serve you and speak to who you really are. Keep creating. Keep sharing. You are so beautiful.

Thank you for allowing me to come through you.

Love always,

God As Nakia

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