Friday, October 22, 2010

a love letter to you...

Peace to you,

Lately I've been feeling like someone was talking about me behind my back... and I was wrong as there are a lot of you talkin bout me. I am surrounded by winners. Winners who consciously invest in what they want to see grow.

Something that I'm hearing from friends (and even within at times) is "he/she took ____ from me" whether it be a job, a lover, or even a break-in. When I get into this state of mind I try to remind myself that abundance is abundance and there is truly enough for everyone to go around. and at the very least when I am out of alignment, I remind myself that whatever is being "taken away" is making room for something greater. 2010 (Trinity year-3) has been a transitional year for all of us. Lots of things and thought forms have been destroyed (in my life anyway).. So lately I have been walking with my arms stretched out singing "thank you" for I know I am making room for more greatness ... grounded yet ready for take off... BALANCED

I have a new song that I'm giving away for free download called "Love Letter (He Wants Me to Win)" [] ... I've spent most of the month promoting the song and til this day it has appeared on 31 sites (and counting, because I'm not done). I am sooo grateful. I don't take it for granted.

Download it and share it and there is much more where that came from. I'm happy to give to a community that shows love.

Question: whats your favorite music website/blog that you frequent to discover new music? Let me know and I will submit or you submit the song or let me know and we can submit it together. EXPANSION is the name of the game.

Let's Win!

Nakia Henry

aka Lily aka Sily Girl aka AfromanticNakia aka Loni Poo aka Slim aka N.E.Heartbreak aka Eternal Reminder in a forgetful mind aka 'you know... the one with the pics' aka Key aka NEH-NEH aka the one who wants you to soar, the one who wants you to win

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