Monday, October 4, 2010

Love Letter (He Wants Me to Win) LYRICS

I found a man who loves to be with me
Connected to his Spirituality
He sees me whole he sees me free
He sees himself exactly how he sees me
-and I love how
He wants to give to my freedom
Working with him is just like rhythm
He is my lover he is my friend
I want him to soar he wants me to win
-for real
He will never ever ever play me
cuz we are cocreatin for the same team yeah
And I'm his baby, and I'm his ol lady
He's a strong brother and a true gift to me
-and I deserve it
all the love in my life found a man who is right
he's my reflection and he's so divine and
he ain't tryna run my life
he's wants me to do what right

(the fussin and fightin ain't for us cuz its all love
and no ones crown is fallincuz we keep our heads up)
We got that 'he loves him and I love me' love
and we add to eachothers "build up"
His kisses never leave me lonely
I can't wait to feel his hands on me
Cuz everything we do feel so holy
-come here baby
let's experience glory
-for real
We look within to find whats positive
and AMPLIFY it
I want him to SOAR, he wants me to WIN
and he adores me and thats the reason why he spoils me
and always wants to be around and i don't mind
cuz when I' mad at the world he reminds me
that the world is on my side, with him
and he ain't tryna run my life

(C) Nakia Henry and Erykah Badu :)

<a href="">Love Letter (He Wants Me To Win) by Nakia Henry</a>




BlackStar Books and Caffe said...

I've yet to experience an expression of yours that I ain feelin dada. You know I got my fist up.

JeQuita said...

This is a type of love EVERYONE should aspire to have.